Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Vendors

Business/Organization Application
The Blueberry Bluegrass Festival

The festival welcomes 15 – 20 vendors/organizations to set up at the festival each year. A collection of jewellery, furniture, clothing, art and services are presented to the 3000 patrons over the course of the 3 day festival. Vendors are located inside the Heritage Park Pavilion.

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Vendors

The Blueberry Festival will accept applications for vendors from February until May 15th 2020.

If you would like to be considered, please fill out the online application form before May 15th, 2020. 

Vendors will receive:

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Vendors
  • Two 6 foot tables set up in an L shape for $120 plus GST.

  • Three tables $150 plus GST.

  • Included in the festival program.

  • 2 weekend festival passes.

  • Power is not provided.

Guidelines for Vendors

  • Set up starts at 2 pm Thursday, July 30. Set up must be completed by 10:30 am Friday, July 31st.

  • Vendors are responsible for providing standalone display stands.

  • Vendors must remain onsite and open for business between these hours:
                   Friday                    11 am until 7 pm
                   Saturday               10 am until 7 pm
                   Sunday                 10 am until 4 pm

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Vendor
  • Vendors are welcome to stay open longer if they choose.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own overnight storage.

  • All booths must be dismantled by 10pm Sunday night.

  • Vendors are responsible for removal of all garbage and promotional material.