Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival?
The Blueberry Bluegrass Festival is held at Heritage Park, 5100 - 41 Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta.
here for a map

How do I volunteer?
To find out how to volunteer for the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival, click here

Can I bring my camera?
You certainly can, where would any of us be without our cameras.

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Music

Can I use video or audio recording devices?
You can if you also have permission from your subject. Performers may prefer your videos of them not be posted.
Please ask first.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are allowed in the camping areas and must be tied up or inside your unit. No animals are permitted on the festival site.

How can I apply to be a food vendor or non-food vendor?
Please send your request to, or download the application here

Are tickets refundable?
No, tickets are not refundable but you can pass them on to a friend.

When does the festival start and what kind of seating is there?
The festival starts on Friday, July 31, 2020. For the outdoor stage, bring a standard lawn chair, festival lawn chairs are too low. Seating is provided at the indoor stages

When do campers arrive and is there a camping fee?
Campers can arrive as early as Tuesday, July 28th, and depart by Monday August 3rd. DRY CAMPING ONLY. There is a $20 parking charge per day. Volunteers will be on hand to assign camping stalls.

Can I reserve a camping spot?
You can reserve a camping spot and arrive anytime between Tuesday and Sunday, Your spot will be waiting. You can reserve your site and get 2 weekend passes by clicking here. (spaces are limited)

Am I able to purchase a beer at the festival?
Yes, we'll have the licensed Blueberry Patio next to the Outdoor stage.

Is there a chance for me to meet the artists and buy a CD?
Yes, Bluegrass festivals have a strong tradition of performers and fans getting together. An official Meet & Greet area is set up in the Pavilion where you can say hi and purchase a CD.

Is there an Open Stage I can sign up for?
Yes, hosted by the Uptown Folk Club, on Sunday at 5 PM. Look for the sign up location in the pavilion. Bring your best tune!

I’m new to jamming...
Just bring your instrument and some tunes that lend themselves to others joining in…and the rest will follow. At first you may want to just wander around and see what the jammers are doing, if there is a group getting together, you can join in by listening or playing. Jamming is about joining in…if the jam is out in the open you're welcome to stop and have a listen.

Will there be Ukulele workshops like last year?
Of course, Ukulele players are a part of Blueberry now. There is no charge for the workshops, they are included in your ticket price. Check the schedule for more information.

Will there be fiddle workshops again?
You bet. Bring your fiddle and join all the other fiddlers in playing some tunes. Check the schedule for more information.

What onsite services are there?
Indoor washrooms, ATM, food trucks, hospitality tent, market vendors