If you've never been to a bluegrass festival before, jamming is a huge part of the fun! Blueberry attracts all levels of musicians who just love to play, and they love finding new friends to jam with. Many folks make lifelong friendships from the people they meet at a jam.

At Blueberry, we encourage and support jamming, so much so that we organize jams that are hosted by experienced players so that novices aren't alone and are welcome to  join in and learn as they play! It sure beats sitting in your own shed all alone! And it's so much fun!
Look for the schedule of hosted jams, grab your instruments and let's pick a few together!

Blueberry also has a number of dedicated  jamming tents scattered around the festival grounds that are open 24 hours for anyone who wants to start a jam or join one already in progress. Bluegrass folks are so friendly and we love it when new folks sit in with us! Have a pile of fun and make new friends from far and wide!

Take a walk around the camp sites and you'll be sure to hear some pickin' at all hours of the day or night! There's plenty of campsite jamming all weekend. Ask to join in, or sit back and listen to the tunes. Everyone is always so friendly and love meeting new people.