WELCOME to the Blueberry Volunteer Team!

We couldn’t do it without you.

The festival promotes a family-friendly environment, Volunteers will ensure that everyone feels welcome.

To make your experience a positive one we will use the following guidelines

Volunteers can expect:

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Volunteer

·         To be identified as a volunteer.
·         A friendly working environment.
·         To be kept up to date on the policies, programs, services
          and procedures of the festival.
·         To be recognized for the valuable contribution to the

As a volunteer you will receive:

·         A three-day pass for the festival.
·         A volunteer duty outline and a commitment schedule.
·         Meals including: dinner, Friday, Saturday & Sunday and
          lunch Saturday and Sunday.

What we expect from you:

·         Your friendly face and helpful manner.
·         15 hours of your time working before, during or after the
·         Do your job to the best of your ability.
·         Always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
·         Show up on time, ready to work, and treat others with respect.

Volunteer positions include:

·         Ticket taking at the main gate
·         Festival set up Thursday & Friday
·         Festival tear down Sunday night and Monday morning
·         Hospitality
·         Site supervision
·         Information booth liaisons
·         50/50 ticket sales
·         Raffle ticket sales
·         Arcade supervisors
·         Pioneer Museum helping hands


·         Read all of the information given to you by your coordinator so you know what is
          expected of you.
·         Know how to contact your coordinator. Save his or her cell phone number on your phone.
·         Know when and where all of your shifts are and arrive early for any last-minute briefing.

All volunteers agree to adhere to the following:

·         Being a responsible ambassador for the Festival and represent the Festival in a positive               way. Friendly is mandatory
·         I understand that my wristband is non-transferable and remains the property of the                     Blueberry Bluegrass Festival. It can be repossessed:
             - IF I commit illegal, violent or unsafe acts.
             - IF I fail to fulfill the required hours of volunteer duty or the responsibilities of the job
                I have been assigned.
·         I will refer questions from the media involving policy or sensitive issues to the Festival                 Director or General Manager.
·         NO SMOKING is permitted on the premises or within five metres of any airway or door, as           per provincial law.
·         The performers’ Green Room is for our artists and their guests to relax and prepare for
          their stage appearances. There is no access to any festival staff or volunteers without
          prior approval.
·         There will be no access to the rear of the Outdoor Stage except for authorized personnel
          or when approved by our backstage manager.

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Volunteer

We depend on volunteers to do the important job of pulling the festival together – from preparing the site, welcoming festival goers at the gate,  providing hospitality, directing traffic, and keeping the festival site clean and friendly. Equally important is your role as an ambassador for the festival. Festival goers will count on you to provide information and offer guidance to ensure everyone enjoys the festival.

Enthusiastic volunteers are what will make the festival enjoyed by everyone.

Thank you... Lets have some fun!