Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals

Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals

Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals play traditional country and western music. Kayla's love of vintage music is evident in her song choices and writing style. She teams up with Alberta's finest musicians to produce a sound that is rarely heard in Alberta outside of your grandparent's record collection.

In 2014, Kayla released her self-titled debut album Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals.

"I've had the opportunity to have many great musicians as my Rodeo Pals. The lineup of band members for the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival Country Dance on Saturday night is:
Kayla Hotte (vocals, guitar), Byron Myhre (fiddle), Gary Okrainec (pedal steel), Matt Hotte (Tele), Geoff O'Brien (drums), and Jasper Lorentzen (bass)".

Born and raised in Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada, Kayla (25) and Matt (28) have come together after years of separate projects to play high-energy, high-calibre bluegrass music. Their influences include The Stanley Brothers, The Monroe Brothers, The Carter Family, and many other pioneers in the genre.While they are both multi-instrumentalists, in their duo Kayla plays guitar, and Matt plays mandolin and fiddle. They switch between lead and harmony vocals with ease.In 2014, they released an album entitled 'Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals' which was a country project. They are excited to be working on their duo album, which will be released later this year.
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Kayla Hotte

Kayla started playing guitar at 13 years old. She delved into other forms of traditional music, including obtaining a diploma in Jazz from Grant MacEwan University, but always came back to bluegrass and old-time music. Her last project, Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals, was a traditional country band, and they released a self-titled album in 2014. 

Kayla's accolades include winning the title Western Canadian Mandolin Champion at the age of 10, her residencies in Nashville, TN, and being a graduate of the Leadership Bluegrass Program (2013).

Matt Hotte

Matt has had an impressive music career for his young age, especially for being a young man from rural Alberta playing an American form of music. He has toured globally and has been a member of accredited bluegrass bands such as Lost Highway (California) and the Liberty Bluegrass Boys (Texas). Matt is also an accomplished guitar player and has toured and recorded with Canadian legend Ronnie Hayward. He is a household name in the bluegrass and country scene in western Canada. He has won numerous fiddling trophies, as well as Western Canadian Banjo Champion at the age of 13.