Feller & Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos

Combining their love for traditional bluegrass and classic country music, Feller & Hill’s music falls somewhere between Buck Owens and the Osborne Brothers. From Milan, Indiana and Covington, Kentucky.

Feller & Hill

Tom Feller and Chris Hill have made quick work of establishing themselves as among the top vocal groups in bluegrass, winning over fans and disc jockeys in the few short years since forming their bluegrass band. Hallmarked by tight harmonies and great songs, Feller & Hill have had some of the biggest hits on bluegrass radio the past two years with "Big Blue Roses" and "Government Blues".

The duo recently announced "I Firmly Promise You", the band's third album and first all-gospel project. It is no secret that one of Feller & Hill's greatest influences is the music of The  Boys From Indiana. A national touring act, The Boys From Indiana were the absolute kings of truegrass in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area during the '70s and '80s. They were a hit at bluegrass festivals across the country, due to their robust stage presence and original songs. Their influence on Feller & Hill's music should come as no surprise as 60% of the classic lineup of "The Boys" (Aubrey Holt, Jerry Holt, Harley Gabbard, Paul Mullins, and Noah Crase) are related to Tom Feller (Aubrey and Jerry Holt are Tom's uncles, and the late Harley Gabbard was Tom's great uncle). Feller and Hill's stage show is very reminiscent of the Boys From Indiana, which includes that same robust stage presence, their dry brand of humor, and  a very fast-paced show that proves time and time again to be a crowd-favorite everywhere they go. 

In addition to his family's musical heritage, Tom has worked with Jerry  Williamson and Redwing, The Larry Stephenson Band. Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, and Three Fox Drive during his 3O-year career. Chris has worked with The Wildwood Valley Boys, Gerald Evans and Paradise, The Karl Shifflet and Big Country Show, and The James King Band. In the past year, both Tom and Chris have made separate appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, filling guest spots with Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express. Feller and Hill will continue using their deep-rooted pedigrees in bluegrass and traditional music to grow their audience and deliver a high-energy show with rich vocals and smooth instrumentation at some of the largest festivals in the country. If you love traditional bluegrass, classic country, and southern bluegrass  gospel music, then you'll love Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos.