Fun for the Family

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Peavey Mart Petting Zoo

Peavey Mart Petting Zoo
A treat at any age

Right beside the NBCMS jamming tent you'll find a farm yard. Get up close and personal with the goats and all the other cute animals! Bring the kids or treat yourself to a little cuddle before heading out to find more music to enjoy. Come on in!

Thanks to Peavey Mart for making the petting zoo possible at Blueberry.


Family Craft Tent

The family craft tent is a great way to spend time with the family. It is located just outside the indoor stage and within glancing distance to the Outdoor stage, you can’t miss it as you enter the festival site. The Craft tent will be stocked with paintable wooden birdhouses, coloring pages and all sorts of ways to spend time with the family enjoying your weekend.

Scavenger Hunt

The Stony Plain Pioneer Museum, now hosting festival activities, is the perfect location to look for scavenger hunt clues. Take your time wandering around the museum, learn something about the history of Stony Plain as you fill out your contest card. Return your completed card for a chance to win a prize.

Family Arcade

Lawn games are set up beside the Outdoor Stage so families can keep an eye on the kids while watching the show. It also entertaining to watch the kids and their parents trying to master the ring toss and other games. Everyone walks away with a prize.

The Balloon Man

You can’t miss him, he always has someone watching in amazement as he creates their balloon art, he can make almost anything out of a balloon…just ask.

Wagon Rides

Hitch a ride on your way to the Pioneer museum activities, It’s only a 3 minute walk from the outdoor stage to the Pioneer museum stage, but why not climb on to the horse drawn wagon! 
Don’t forget to wave as you pass the people walking.