Friday & Saturday Night Dances

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Dance

Dance to your favorite tunes with two great bands. We'll have a different band each night, and if last year was any indication, we know you're gonna enjoy yourselves! Any age, young and old are welcome, and it's all included with your festival admission!

The dances start up both Friday & Saturday nights after the Outdoor Stage performance ends at about 10pm.

If you’re not going to jam, just head inside for a spin.

The dance hall holds 500 people (you two steppers are in for a real treat).

So grab your partner, shake it around and have some fun!


Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Calvin Vollrath & Country Swing

Friday's Dance

On Friday night, dance to the sounds of Calvin Vollrath & Country Swing! Calvin is a world class fiddler and
he always brings a top shelf band.
You're gonna enjoy it!




Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals

Saturday's Dance

Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals play traditional country and western music. Kayla's love of vintage music is evident in her song choices and writing style. She teams up with Alberta's finest musicians to produce a sound that is rarely heard in Alberta outside of your grandparent's record collection.

"I've had the opportunity to have many great musicians as my Rodeo Pals.
The lineup of band members for the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival Country Dance on Saturday night is:
Kayla Hotte (vocals, guitar), Byron Myhre (fiddle), Gary Okrainec (pedal steel), Matt Hotte (Tele), Geoff O'Brien (drums), and Jasper Lorentzen (bass).