Being a Good Neighbour

All of the many volunteers, from the parking attendants up to and including the Board of Directors sincerely hope that you enjoy the multitude of talent that the many acts will be presenting for your pleasure this weekend. We ask that you follow some simple little rules that will allow everyone the most enjoyment possible:

Wrist bands -

is your proof of entry and must be worn at all times

Liquor / Alcoholic beverages - 

Alcohol is not permitted in the concert area.  There are no beer gardens or any alcohol sold at the festival.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted in your campsite only.

Good Neighbor Policy is in effect:

There are no saved spots for chairs in the concert area. Empty chairs are fair game to anyone. If you leave your chair, it's fair game for someone else to sit in it or remove it. Play fair and don't be a hog. If you're not going to use your chair, remove it so someone else can enjoy your empty spot. Please be courteous to your neighbors.   

Please place high-back chairs and umbrellas to the outside of rows please.

Visiting with friends or neighbors during an act? Then please leave the area far enough that you don’t disturb the listeners.

Audio or video recording - 

is NOT permitted. 

Leave the site in better condition than we found it.

If you choose to smoke please pick up your cigarette butts.

Don’t litter. Garbage and Recycling areas will be available.

Try to take home any garbage that you create to minimize our effect on the Town of Stony Plain.

Pets - 

are permitted in your CAMPSITE ONLY!   They must also be on a leash at ALL times and must be picked up after.

Children -

We love kids and it's great to see them having fun. Please make sure that your children don't play in front of other audience members (such as on the asphalt walkway in front of the pavilion).  

Smoking - 

is not permitted in the concert area.  Please smoke outside the concert seating area for everyone's comfort.

2008 Festival

2008 Festival